Theater Name City Status Chain
Alhambra Theatre Ogden Demolished
Art House Cinema 502 Ogden Open
Bijou Theatre Ogden Unknown
Bon Ton Theatre Ogden Unknown
Cine Pointe Theater Ogden Open Pointe Theatres
Cinedome 70 Riverdale Demolished
Coleman's Motor-Vu Drive-In Riverdale Open Ideal Theatres Inc.
Colonial Theatre Ogden Demolished
Country Club Theatre South Ogden Open
Crystal Theatre Ogden Unknown
Destination 12 Theatres West Haven Announced Metropolitan Theatres
Dreamland Theatre Ogden Unknown
Famous Films Theatre Ogden Demolished
Globe Theatre Ogden Demolished
Hooper Amusement Hall Hooper Unknown
It Theatre Ogden Unknown
J. C. Wangsgard Huntsville Unknown
Lyceum Theatre Ogden Demolished
Lyceum Theatre Ogden Open
Megaplex 13 at the Junction Ogden Open Megaplex Theatres
Mount Ogden Drive-In Theatre Ogden Demolished
Movie Ogden Closed
MovieGrille Ogden Open
New Alhambra Theatre Ogden Unknown
New Electric Theatre Ogden Demolished
Newgate Cinemas Ogden Demolished
North Ogden Amusement Hall North Ogden Unknown
North Star Drive-In Pleasant View Closed
Novelty Theatre Ogden Closed
Ogden Theatre Ogden Demolished
Oracle Theatre Ogden Demolished
Orpheum Theatre Ogden Demolished
Pastime Theatre Ogden Closed
Peery's Egyptian Theater Ogden Open
Plain City Amusement Hall Plain City Unknown
Revier Theatre Ogden Unknown
Rex Theatre Ogden Closed
Riverdale Amusement Hall Riverdale Unknown
Riverdale Center 4 Riverdale Demolished
Riverdale Drive-in Theatre Riverdale Demolished
Roy Theater Roy Demolished
Stevens Hall North Ogden Unknown
Terrace Plaza Playhouse Ogden Open
Tinseltown USA Ogden Open Cinemark USA
Utah Drive-In Ogden Unknown
Utah Theatre Ogden Demolished
Utahna Theatre Ogden Demolished
Walker Cinemas North Ogden Open Walker Cinemas
West Weber Amusement Hall West Weber Unknown
Wilshire Theatre South Ogden Demolished

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