Theater Name City Status Chain
Academy Square Cinema Provo Demolished
Academy Theater Provo Demolished
Alpine Community Theater Alpine Announced
Alpine Playhouse Alpine Closed
American Fork Opera House American Fork Unknown
Apollo Hall American Fork Open
Arch Theatre Spanish Fork Demolished
Art City Cinemotor Springville Demolished
Art City Playhouse Springville Closed
Bronx Theatre American Fork Unknown
Cameo Theatre American Fork Unknown
Carillon Theatres Orem Demolished
Center Street Musical Theatre Provo Open
Central Square Theatres Provo Closed
Cinemark at American Fork American Fork Open Cinemark USA
Cinemark at North Park Spanish Fork Announced Cinemark USA
Cinemark at Provo Towne Center Provo Open Cinemark USA
Cinemark University Mall Orem Open Cinemark USA
Clark Opera House Pleasant Grove Unknown
Columbia Theater Provo Unknown
Covey Center for the Arts Provo Open
Cozy Theater Lehi Unknown
Crest Theater Provo Unknown
Dividend Amusement Hall Dividend Demolished
Echo Theatre Provo Open
Edna Theatre Spanish Fork Unknown
Eko Theatre Pleasant Grove Unknown
Ellen Theatre Provo Unknown
Fairfield Home Dramatic Hall Fairfield Unknown
Festival Cinemas at University Mall Orem Interior Demolished
Florence Theatre Springville Unknown
Fox Theatre Provo Demolished
Gayety Theatre Payson Unknown
Gayety Theatre Goshen Unknown
Gem Theater Provo Unknown
Geneva Drive-In Orem Demolished
Goshen Opera House Goshen Unknown
Grove Theatre Pleasant Grove Open
Hale Center Theater Orem Open
Hudson Hall Santaquin Unknown
Huish Theater Payson Closed
Lehi City Arts Center Lehi Open
Lehi Opera House Lehi Unknown
Lehi Theatre Lehi Unknown
Liberty Theatre American Fork Unknown
Little Brown Theatre Springville Open
Lyric Theatre American Fork Unknown
Mammoth Screen Theater Lehi Open
Mapleton Amusement Hall Mapleton Unknown
Megaplex at Thanksgiving Point Lehi Open Megaplex Theatres

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