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Villa Theatre

3092 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah
(1949 - 2003)
Alternate Use

Sound Systems

Auditorium Name Sound Type Channels Start Date End Date Description
Auditorium Single Channel Sound 1 23 December 1949 30 September 1953
Auditorium 4 Track Stereo 4 1 October 1953 July 1958 The Villa was equipped for stereo sound when CinemaScope was installed for "The Robe".
Auditorium 6 Track Stereo 6 31 July 1958 18 February 2003 The Villa was equipped for 70mm starting with "South Pacific" on 31 July 1958.
Auditorium Dolby Digital 6 1996 18 February 2003 A new Dolby Digital sound system was installed during the 1996 renovation.
Auditorium DTS Digital 6 November 2002 18 February 2003 DTS Digital was installed shortly after "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" opened. The Dolby Digital unit had a problem with a sprocket, but was not removed until the theater closed.