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Mighty Wurlitzer to shine in organ concert tonight at Peery's Egyptian Theater Ogden Standard Examiner 3/28/2019   Peery's Egyptian Link
Inside the refurbished Orpheum Theatre, newly converted as coworking site for downtown Salt Lake Salt Lake Tribune 3/25/2019   Promised Valley Link
CommonGrounds Workplace transforms Salt Lake City's Orpheum Theatre into Flexible Shared Office PR Newswire 3/14/2019   Promised Valley Link
Kids in the ACT Youth Theatre Presents 'Les Miserables' Alpine Community Theater 3/5/2019   Alpine Community Full Text
Utah Theater goes from rundown theater to an engineering masterpiece Cache Valley Daily 2/25/2019   Utah Link
15 fun places in Utah County that sadly only exist in your memories Daily Herald 2/1/2019   Art City, Fox, Movies 8, Pioneer Twin, Spanish 8, Timp, Uinta Link
Jody Renstrom leaves legacy of love for theater in Utah County Daily Herald 1/17/2019   Valley Center Link
Old Barn Theater moves patrons away from their worldly cares Cache Valley Daily 1/11/2019   Old Barn Community Link
Megaplex Theaters welcome their 100,000,000 guest ABC 4 News 12/21/2018   Megaplex at Jordan Commons Link
University Place pledges $1 million as Hale Center Theater Orem announces move to mall campus Daily Herald 12/11/2018   Hale Center Link
With its flashy new venue, Utah’s Hale Centre Theatre tallies half-million tickets sold in 2018 Salt Lake Tribune 12/7/2018   Hale Centre Link
This Utah theater led the nation for 'Crimes of Grindelwald' opening revenue sales Deseret News 11/19/2018   Megaplex 12 at the Gateway, Megaplex 20 at the District, Megaplex at Jordan Commons, Megaplex at Thanksgiving Point, Megaplex Theatres at Geneva Link
800-plus performances later, Hale Sandy’s first year ends with sold-out shows Deseret News 11/15/2018   Hale Centre Link
Owner of Salt Lake City’s Eccles Theater files a countersuit, alleges caterer owes venue $300,000 Salt Lake Tribune 11/2/2018   Utah Performance Center Link
Fundraising campaign underway for Peery's renovation Ogden Standard Examiner 10/29/2018   Peery's Egyptian Link
Hold onto your seats — the Capitol Theatre wants your name engraved in its auditorium Deseret News 10/18/2018   Capitol Link
One Year Later: Hale Center Theatre In Sandy “Exceeds Everybody’s Expectations” Sandy Journal 10/18/2018   Hale Centre Link
Letter: DABC killed Lamb's Grill, but couldn't kill Brewvies Salt Lake Tribune 10/7/2018   Brewvies Link
Tribune editorial: Stop with the constitutional longshots, Utah legislators Salt Lake Tribune 10/1/2018   Brewvies Link
Utah catering company sues Eccles Theater owner for $1.5 million KSL News 9/28/2018   Utah Performance Center Link
Utah must pay nearly $500000 in legal fees in Brewvies' 'Deadpool' case Salt Lake Tribune 9/27/2018   Brewvies Link
Judge gives thousands to Brewvies, slams Utah legislature over ‘Deadpool’ lawsuit Fox 13 News 9/26/2018   Brewvies Link
SCERA renames Grand Theatre, celebrates 85th anniversary Daily Herald 9/25/2018   SCERA Showhouse Link
After grim reviews, Salt Lake City plans to put a public spotlight on restoring Utah Theater Salt Lake Tribune 9/11/2018   Utah Link
How Sally Dietlein Turned Her Passion For The Arts Into The Beautiful Hale Centre Theatre Utah Business 8/29/2018   Hale Centre Link
South Jordan’s District Megaplex evacuated after dryer fire Gephardt Daily 8/28/2018   Megaplex 20 at the District Link
Attempts to revive 100-year-old Utah Theater in downtown Salt Lake City aren’t ‘feasible or viable' Salt Lake Tribune 8/27/2018   Utah Link
Want your kids to love Shakespeare? There's a Utah theater festival for that Deseret News 8/9/2018   Utah Children's Link
It’s a moose! It’s a man! It’s the star of the weird little film festival returning to tiny Bicknell Salt Lake Tribune 7/22/2018   Bicknell Link
3 Great Drive-In Theater Spots in Utah Salt Lake Magazine 7/14/2018   Coleman's Motor-Vu, Redwood Link
Tickets for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Now on Sale Apline Community Theater 7/8/2018   Alpine Community Full Text
Refurbished movie sign is a beacon San Juan Record 7/2/2018   Kigalia Link
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Alpine Community Theater 6/28/2018   Alpine Community Full Text
Brewvies serving up a 'different movie experience' for 21 and older crowd Ogden Standard Examiner 6/21/2018   MovieGrille Link
Work on Ellen Eccles Theatre ramps up Herald Journal 6/8/2018   Ellen Eccles Link
Roof fire at theater caught early by alert officer’s quick response 6/8/2018   St. George Cinema 6 Link
Brewvies showing Deadpool 2 is 'our homecoming parade' after lawsuit ABC 4 News 5/18/2018   Brewvies Link
How ‘Deadpool’ became an unlikely First Amendment hero in Brewvies battle against Utah’s liquor cops 5/17/2018   Brewvies Link
Brewvies Cinema Pub expanding to Ogden ABC 4 News 5/14/2018   MovieGrille Link
Brewvies Cinema Pub to open theater in downtown Ogden Ogden Standard Examiner 5/14/2018   MovieGrille Link
‘Punch it, Chewie!’: Replica of Millennium Falcon to go on display at Megaplex Jordan Commons Salt Lake Tribune 5/4/2018   Megaplex at Jordan Commons Link
Salt Lake's Eccles Theater shows 'incredible' revenue returns in debut year Salt Lake Tribune 4/21/2018   Utah Performance Center Link
ACT Youth Theatre Presents 'Disney's Peter Pan Jr.' Alpine Community Theater 4/6/2018   Alpine Community Full Text
Alpine Community Theater Announces Auditions for 2018 Summer Show Alpine Community Theater 4/6/2018   Alpine Community Full Text
Bill advances to fix Utah law in 'Deadpool' lawsuit Salt Lake Tribune 3/1/2018   Brewvies Link
Bill aims to prevent another Brewvies lawsuit by removing unconstitutional wording from Utah law Salt Lake Tribune 2/28/2018   Brewvies Link
The Utah State Legislature will abide by ‘Deadpool’ ruling on liquor laws Fox 13 News 2/27/2018   Brewvies Link
Utah family theater company’s ‘Juanito Bandito’ melodrama sparks national complaints Salt Lake Tribune 2/16/2018   Pickleville Link
The theatre that brings hope to families battling cancer ABC 4 News 2/12/2018   Hope Box Link
RMP makes donation to Casino Star Theater Daily Herald 2/1/2018   Casino Star Link