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All FatCats Locations to Temporarily Close End of Day on March 18th Due to Coronavirus (Theater) 3/17/2020   FatCats Saratoga Springs Full Text
[All Locations Temporarily Closed] (Theater) 3/17/2020   Reel Full Text
[Temporarily Closed] (Theater) 3/17/2020   Syracuse Stadium 6, UEC Theatres 9 Full Text
[Temporary Shutdown Effective Immediately] (Theater) 3/17/2020   Water Gardens Cinema 6 Full Text
Covid-19 Update Facebook 3/17/2020   Midvale Performing Arts Center Full Text
[Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice] (Theater) 3/17/2020   Terrace Plaza Full Text
[Hale Centre Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice] Facebook 3/17/2020   Hale Centre Full Text
[Temporary Hiatus] (Theater) 3/16/2020   Electric Full Text
['The Foreigner' Postponed Until March 30] (Theater) 3/16/2020   St. George Musical Full Text
[Limiting Attendance to First 10] (Theater) 3/16/2020   Ritz Full Text
Thanksgiving Point and COVID-19 (Theater) 3/16/2020   Mammoth Screen Full Text
AMC Updates Its Commitment to Social Distancing by Introducing a New “50/50 Policy” at All Its Open U.S. Theatres (Theater) 3/16/2020   AMC Layton Hills 9, AMC Provo 12, AMC West Jordan 12 Full Text
Coronavirus Update (Theater) 3/16/2020   SCERA Showhouse Full Text
COVID-19 Closure (Theater) 3/16/2020   Stadium Full Text
[Final Night of Tristram and Isolde] (Theater) 3/16/2020   Angelus Full Text
[Programs Temporarily Cancelled, Postponed, or Modified] (Theater) 3/16/2020   Lehi City Arts Center Full Text
COVID-19 Update (Theater) 3/16/2020   Empress Full Text
[Facility Closed Through April] (Theater) 3/16/2020   Pioneer Memorial Full Text
Temporary Closure (Theater) 3/16/2020   Desert Star Full Text
Temporary Closure Announcement (Theater) 3/16/2020   Brewvies, Brewvies Cinema Pub Ogden Title Only
[Xanadu Closed Early] (Theater) 3/15/2020   Empress Full Text
[Moved Out, Keys Turned Over to New Theatre Company] (Theater) 3/15/2020   Broadway Bound Full Text
[Reopening on 15 March] Facebook 3/15/2020   San Juan Full Text
[Inside Open for Daytime Showings, Drive-In Continues] Facebook 3/14/2020   Water Gardens Cinema 6 Full Text
[Theatre Closing for Two Weeks] (Theater) 3/14/2020   Heritage Full Text
Season Adjustments (Theater) 3/14/2020   Hope Box Full Text
[All Events Cancelled for Next Two Weeks] (Theater) 3/13/2020   Covey Center for the Arts Full Text
Postponed/Cancelled (Theater) 3/13/2020   Tuacahn Amphitheatre Full Text
[Reminder of 100-Seat Cap] (Theater) 3/13/2020   Cinefour Full Text
[Closed for Two Weeks to Avoid Large Groups] (Theater) 3/13/2020   Lewiston Community Full Text
[Steps to Ensure Health and Safety of Audience] (Theater) 3/13/2020   Pioneer Memorial Full Text
[Social Distancing at the Theater] (Theater) 3/13/2020   Ritz Full Text
[Tickets Limited Through March 31 to Prevent COVID-19] (Theater) 3/13/2020   Walker, Walker Full Text
Brewvies Commitment to Our Patrons (Theater) 3/13/2020   Brewvies, Brewvies Cinema Pub Ogden Title Only
AMC Theatres Strongly Commits to “Social Distancing” and Is Proactively Reducing Maximum Capacity by at Least 50 Percent in All Its U.S. Theatres (Theater) 3/13/2020   AMC Layton Hills 9, AMC Provo 12, AMC West Jordan 12 Full Text
SLFS Update 3/13/20 (Theater) 3/13/2020   Broadway Centre, Tower Full Text
Operational Capacity and Menu Adjustments (Theater) 3/12/2020   Megaplex Theatres at Cedar Stadium, Megaplex Theatres at Geneva, Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons, Megaplex Theatres at Legacy Crossing, Megaplex Theatres at Main Street, Megaplex Theatres at Pineview Stadium, Megaplex Theatres at Providence, Megaplex Theatres at Sunset Stadium, Megaplex Theatres at Thanksgiving Point, Megaplex Theatres at The District, Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway, Megaplex Theatres at The Junction, Megaplex Theatres at University, Megaplex Theatres at Valley Fair Mall, Megaplex Theatres Luxury at Cottonwood Full Text
[Tickets limited to 100 Per Movie] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Cinefour Full Text
[Steps to Minimize Risk of COVID-19] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Reel Full Text
[Drive-In Opening As Soon As Possible] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Basin Drive-In Full Text
[Necessary Adjustments for COVID-19] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Syracuse Stadium 6, UEC Theatres 9 Full Text
SLAC Postpones Elaine Jarvik's FOUR WOMEN TALKING ABOUT THE MAN UNDER THE SHEET Due to COVID-19 (Theater) 3/12/2020   Salt Lake Acting Company Link
Wizard of Oz Update (Theater) 3/12/2020   Old Barn Community Full Text
[Events Over 100 People Cancelled Immediately] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Ellen Eccles Full Text
[Music Man and Aladdin Kids Cancelled Through March 28] (Theater) 3/12/2020   CenterPoint Legacy Full Text
Moe Show Postponed!! (Theater) 3/12/2020   Egyptian Full Text
[Clarke Planetarium Closed Until Further Notice] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Clark Planetarium Full Text
[Shows Postponed Due to Limit of Public Gatherings] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Draper Full Text
Patron Alert (Theater) 3/12/2020   Empress Full Text
[Closed for Performances Through March 31] (Theater) 3/12/2020   Abravanel Hall, Capitol, Eccles, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Full Text