The Cedar Twin Leaves Good Memories for 92 Years

Cedar City Review, 23 February 2006

Article Summary:

Cedar Twin Theatre:

  • identified in the article as the Main Street Theatre
  • built in 1914
  • Howard M. Thorley was the original owner
  • Howard Thorley built most of the original stores on Main Street
  • Howard Thorley gave the theater to his son Melvin Thorley, before the war broke out
  • Melvin Thorley changed the name to Cedar City Theatre
  • Jack Sawyer remodeled the single theater and changed it to a twin theatre
  • closed in September 2005
  • theater was for sale in February 2006

Owners of the Cedar Twin:

  • Howard M. Thorley
  • Melvin Thorley
  • John Rowberry
  • Yergenson brothers
  • Jack Sawyer
  • Westates Theatres
  • a private investor

Fiddler's Three Theaters:

  • built by Jack Sawyer

Park Theatre:

  • built in the 1930s
  • owned by John Rowberry
  • was across the street from the Thorley
  • replaced an I. G. A. grocery store
  • was the second theatre built in Cedar City
  • in 2006, a Great Harvest Bread store was located on the site