New Theatre for Brigham

Box Elder News, 8 August 1912
H. N. Bowring has just about completed the excavation for the stage of a splendid new theatre which he proposes to erect on the site of the present Gem theatre.   The excavation is made in the rear of the theatre and is 50 x 90 feet, nine feet deep.  The length of the building over all will be 167 feet and fifty feet wide.   It will contain a stage large enough to handle any show on the road today and the scenery will all be hoisted up in the flies instead of rolled up; the curtain will operate in the same manner.

The building, when finished, will have a sloping floor and an auditorium that will seat 800 people.   There will be no balcony, but boxes will be erected on each side of the stage.  It is the purpose of Mr. Bowring to lease the building, when finished, to J. B. Ashton, of Provo, who will give a vaudeville program one night a week and motion pictures the balance of the time unless some traveling company books for an engagement.  The name of the new play house will be "The Princess," and work on its erection will be rushed to completion.