Opera House Consumed by Fire

Box Elder News, 20 February 1913
Havoc was wrought at Bear River City Saturday evening of last week when the splendid Opera House and Amusement Hall was burned to the ground. The building was a frame one and when the fire got started, the place burned like tinder and as the town has no water works the only relief that could be summoned was a bucket brigade which was wholly ineffectual against the ravages of the flames.

The fire started when the janitor, who as cleaning out the hall for a dance, endeavored to hurry up the fire in the stove which was smoldering and the flames leapt out of the open stove door and ignited the scenery on the stage and the place was in roaring flames almost before the astonished janitor could realize what had happened. As it was he had to hustle to get out and then the crowd that assembled was compelled to stand helplessly by and watch their splendid hall crumble to ashes. It burned up entirely, the only thing being left is the rock foundation.

The building was erected and equipped for theatricals, dances and other amusements at a cost of $6,000.00. It was insured for $2,250 only, so the loss will be a great one to the ward. Just what will be done in the way of rebuilding, has not yet been decided upon.