Will Discuss New Opera House

Box Elder News, 5 March 1920
The movement inaugurated by the four wards of this city to repossess the Opera House property, and which has been accomplished, meets with the hearty approval of the general authorities of the church. The Church Social Committee, of which Apostle Stephen L. Richards in chairman, has been delegated to cooperate with the local authorities in determining the kind of building to be erected and to lend every assistance to push the project to successful conclusion.

This afternon a meeting will be held of the bishoprics of the four city wards and stake presidency, at which will be present Elder W. A. Morton of the Church Social Committee to talk over the plans and get under way the erection of the new building. It is the feeling of the officials that work should begin immediately in clearing off the grounds of the remains of the old building and preparing them for the erection of the structure that shall be decided upon.