Midnight Blaze Destroys Drive-In Theatre Screen

Vernal Express, 18 April 1957, page 1
A short circuit in the wiring was blamed for a fire that destroyed the screen at the Starlite Drive-In theatre west of Vernal late Wednesday night.

Firemen were called at 11:45 p.m. and fought the raging fire, fanned by the high wind, until 2:30 a.m. Flames leaped 100 feet into the air until the 60-foot screen toppled over.

Damage was estimated in the region of $1200, part of which was covered by insurance. The drive-in is operated by Deward and Alson Shiner. The forecast that it would be six weeks before the theatre would be in operation again.

Of the 17 volunteer firemen, 16 were occupied at the blaze. Two water trucks were called for in addition to the big fire engine and firemen estimated that 2500 gallons were pumped on the screen and surrounding burning grass before the fire was quelled.

Earlier in the evening technical difficulties had caused the show to be discontinued and patrons had had their money refunded.