New Opera House Building Will be Rushed to Completion

Eureka Reporter, 3 April 1914, page 2
The brick layers commenced work on the opera house building on Monday of this week and this business block will be carried through to completion without further delay.

The new building is being erected by Mrs J. H. McChrystal and Alex McDonald, the latter also being in charge of the construction work. The lower floor will contain, in addition to the opera house, two splendid store rooms - one store room being on each side of the theatre entrance. The building's second story will be a well equipped little rooming house, the stairway leading to these rooms being located in the extreme eastern corner of the building.

The size of the new building will be 52 x [103 or 105] feet and the opera house portion will have a seating capacity of about 600. The stage will be of ample size to accommodate the best of attractions.