New Opera House Building Is Nearing Completion

Eureka Reporter, 8 May 1914, page 2
The new business block now being erected on the old Hatfield House corner on Main street at a cost of nearly $20,000 is rapidly nearing completion. The brick work has finished this week and the carpenters will be through with everything but the [finishing?] within a few days. The place will be [lath d?] and plastered [thin ghout?] making it one of the best buildings in the district.

Two store rooms and a show house will take up the entire ground floor. The theatre will have a seating capacity of over 500 and a large stage with modern equipment capable of taking care of all kinds of road shows. The operating room for the motion picture machine will be on the second floor, and this room will be absolutely fire proof and there should be no danger from fire in many other parts of the building

The owners of the building, Mr. J. H. McChrystal and Alex M. McDonald have already leased the room on the ground floor and they also have a number of applications for the twenty rooms which take up the entire second and third stories, there being no rooms above the portion of the building that is to be used for theatre purposes.