Eye-Comfort Lighting for Eureka's New Theatre

Eureka Reporter, 29 May 1914, page 4
The new Star Theatre building that will be opened to the public within the next week or two will be a credit to Tintic and the owners of the building have made no effort to erect an elaborate show house, they nevertheless built a place that is ample to meet the requirements of Tintic's metropolis. The place wil have a seating capacity of over 500 or about 200 more than the old opera house and the stage is large enough to take care of any road show that will visit Eureka. The entrance to the theatre is large and well arranged and will be brilliantly illuminated and with a twenty-three foot ceiling and almost unlimited ventilation. The place will be in every way suited for show purposes.

In the matter of lighting it will be equal to anything in the state, the new indirect system to be installed.

The lighting fixtures four in number are bronze [bo vis?] about three feet in diameter, to be suspended from the ceiling by heavy chains. Each fixture contains several lights of 150 watts each, and by means of these fixture the light is thrown to the ceiling and then reflected to all parts of the house, giving a pleasing and restful effect that can be obtained in no other manner. From these fixtures it is possible to get a brilliant lighting and also a dim lighting, the latter being used while the motion picture machines are in use, enabling patrons to readily locate seats without the assistance of an usher and at the same time equalizing the bright light from the motion picture screen, thus taking away the glare and flicker that is sometimes noticeable.

The Star Theatre will be the first house outside of the two largest cities of the state to adopt the new indirect system of lighting.