New Star Theatre Will Open Sunday

Eureka Reporter, 5 June 1914, page 1
Splendid show house for Eureka, will operate motion pictures and take care of all road shows, seats over 500 people.

The new Star Theatre in the building that has been erected by Mrs J. H. McChrystal and Alex McDonald will open its doors to the public next Sunday evening. The carpenters, painters, and other workmen are now engaged in putting the finishing touches on that part of the building that will be used for show purposes and while it will require some tall hustling, they have promised to have everything ready by Sunday.

The new Theatre has a seating capacity of over 500, a large and attractive entrance, plenty of exits, a stage that is large enough to handle everything in the line of road shows, and it will be strictly modern i the matter of heating and lighting.

The operating room for the motion picture machines is on the second story of the building, where an office for the manager will also be located. The operating room is absolutely fireproof.

The new show will be operated under the management of H. J. Beane, who has for several months been looking after the motion picture show at the opera house or Odd Fellows building. The place which Mr. Beane has been running was closed this week, the equipment and good will of the place passing into the hands of the Western Amusement Co., which owns the new theatre. Some of the chairs from the Odd Fellows building will be used in equipping the new place, but a few hundred new chairs, a new piano, scenery, etc. have been purchased and are now ready for installation.