Plans Arrive for New Ides Theater Building

Grand Valley Times, 12 July 1918, page 1
W. E. Ware, Salt Lake architect, arrived in Moab this week, bringing with him the plans and specifications for the new Ides theater building, which is to be erected between The Times office and the Moab pool hall. It will be one of the most modern theaters in the state, and when constructed Moab will have the finest theater building in Utah, outside of Salt Lake and Ogden.

The auditorium of the structure will provide room for 500 or 600 people. There will also be an attractive lobby in front, and on each side there will be a store room, which will doubtless be rented.

R. C. Clark, manager of the Ides theater, is getting prices on the material to be used in the building, and is also asking for bids for the construction of the house. It is likely that the theater will be erected before winter, although due to the war conditions it may be decided to be postpone construction for a while.