Opening of New Morgan Theatre Friday Attracts Large Crowd

Morgan County News, 19 August 1949, page 1
It was a gala night, Friday, when the curtain was lifted for the first time at the new Morgan theatre.

Long before seven-thirty, the advertised time for opening, a large crowd formed a queue a block long, waiting for the doors to open.

As each adult entered the door, he or she was presented with a beautiful long stemmed rose and each child was given cinnamon stick candy. The staff, forming a reception line, greeted each one with a smile.

Rich carpeting breaks the sound of footfalls. Soft lights and comfortable seats add to the pleasure of the patron and the interior decorations are in perfect taste.

During the intermission, Clarence D. Rich, president of Morgan stake spoke briefly on the opening of the beautiful building and introduced Alva Deardon, owner of the theatre. Mr. Deardon modestly thanked the people for coming out in such numbers and promised good entertainment for the patrons.

Mayor Richard Carter also expressed praise to Mr. Deardon on his magnificent undertaking and thanked him on behalf of the people of Morgan.

Morgan can indeed be proud of its new theatre. With a seating capacity of 426, it is considered adequate to accommodate the picture loving public of Morgan and Henefer.