Isis Theatre

Murray Eagle, 4 July 1935, page 6
The Isis theatre is the most popular playhouse in this section of the country, located at 65 East Broadway.

A notable example of substantial progress in the moving picture world of this section of the state is this very popular theatre which has a reputation that is spreading far and wide all over this part of the country and is a popular place for evening automobile parties.

This very popular theatre is attractively and beautifully furnished, tastefully decorated and very comfortable in every way, pleasing to the eyes, restful to the tired nerves and jaded senses and here amid attractive surroundings you are entranced by the excellent and dreamy music and the world's greatest actors. You see romance, fiction and travel and all the various phases of human life are here depicted not only for the entertainment of the public, but as well for the education and intellectual uplift of the race.

There is nothing which adds so greatly to the purpose of the community as does a “live-wire” theatre, such as the Isis Theatre. it not only brings the world's greatest stars here to entertain us, but it brings added business activity and thus benefits the entire community. This theatre should have the most liberal patronage of the entire people.

The plays are clean and the themes are selected with great care so that the ladies and children of th surrounding territory know this place as their moving picture home. A quiet are of refinement pervades the audiences and this accounts for the large patronage from all classes of people. This modern policy of the management has brought autoists and people from all the surrounding towns and the city to recognize this theatre as their favorite amusement center.

In making this review of the onward progress of the country we are glad to compliment the management upon the good that is accruing to the community through their progressive efforts in furnishing the people with all that is new in the whole range of human endeavor and life.