The Broadway Theatre Offers the Latest in Picture Entertainment

Murray Eagle, 4 March 1937, page 8
Imagine yourself at the first motion picture show. It is in April 23. 1896. The weather has been splendid and the house is packed to the galleries. Everyone is awed with the mysterious appearance of the 20-foot screen in its brightly guilded frame. There is mention of a man named Tomas Armet, whose invention, the Vitascope, is to throw pictures – moving pictures – upon that very screen. It is incredible. The audience whistles and shouts with impatience.

Then a sudden flash of light and there are figures actually moving on the screen. The audience is momentarily hushed as if a ghost were in its presence. There are pictures of a prize fight. Men should encouragement to their favorite fighters. A young lady faints at the sight of the dreadful combat. Then a dancer flashes onto the screen. The gallery boys cheer with enthusiasm.

The dancer is whisked away as mysteriously as she came and there is a scene of the great waves dashing in upon the Manhattan beach. People in the front rows jump to their feet and rush frantically into the aisles to avoid being drowned in the deluge. Ladies lift their petticoats to save them from the waves. Then the flood is over and the audience sheepishly resumes its seats.

Such was the first picture show. Since that memorable day in motion picture history there has been constant improvement in the showing of motion pictures. the sound feature has been added and the theatre has become our most popular public entertainment.

The management of the Broadway theater always makes it a point to secure the best pictures available. New screen hits are brought to town as soon as it is possible. The most popular stars of Hollywood are features in their pictures.

The Broadway Theater is comfortable and clean, the air is fresh and always at the most comfortable temperature.

In this historical review of Salt Lake City and its business interests we wish to compliment this theater upon its modern equipment, its progressive policies and the splendid and wholesome entertainment it affords.

Of course, modern theaters are in no way like the first theatre. While it is true that the modern theater is unlike the first picture house, some theatres stand out from others. In the opinion of the write of this article the Broadway theater is one that deserves the respect and patronage of every theater lover in this vicinity.