New Theater Will Be One of the Finest in Utah

Murray Eagle, 21 April 1938, page 6
Murray City seems destined to become one of Utah's leading cities, judging from the confidence evident by the building activity, both in the business and residential sections. There have been new, modern business houses built on Murray's main street during the past year that would do credit to much larger cities, and many more have been modernized to such extent as to give the appearance of completely new buildings. Many fine electric signs have been put up, and nearly a score of beautiful new residences have been added to the residential section.

The latest addition to the business district is the new motion picture theatre on State street between the Frank C. Howe building and the new Murray City electric light building, construction on which will soon begin.

A representative of the Murray Theatre company called at The Eagle office this week and gave much interesting information regarding the new theatre and of the company's plans.

This company is now operating the Rialto Theatre in Salt Lake and the Southeast Theatre in Sugarhouse. They are extremely optimistic regarding Murray's future as a trading center for that great area or section of the buying public in the outlying districts now traveling miles further for entertainment and shopping service.

They believe great increased activity and interest can be centered here by providing additional modern shopping and entertainment facilities.

With this in mind the company is erecting a motion picture theatre of the most modern type which they assert will be second to none in the state from standpoint of luxury, entertainment and comfort.

The building will be ultra-modern in architectural lines and constructed of steel and concrete. The 64-foot front will be of solid concrete, with two side panels of glass brick through which will filter multi-colored lights, manipulated from the inside.

The entrance will be 20 feet wide, 12 feet to the first set of doors, and this will be finished in stainless steel and tile. The interior lobby will be 30 feet deep, with foyer extending the entire width of the theatre to a depth of 17 feet.

The acoustic recommendations, for the purpose of obtaining the best results for talking pictures, are being completed by some of the world's finest acoustic engineers, and the seating plan will be laid in such a way as to enable unobstructed vision from any seat in the theatre.

The 21-inch seats will be fully upholstered and so spaced as to provide ample leg room, being 34 inches from front to back.

A modern ventilating system will provide complete change of air every 3 minutes to insure the utmost in comfort, both summer and winter.

Rest rooms will be large and roomy, with lounge, and will be fully ventilated.

Shops with 20-foot ultra-modern fronts and interiors will flank either side of the theatre entrance.