Daylight Moving Pictures

Vernal Express, 9 August 1912, page 1

Twenty-five years ago if some one had told your grand father that Thomas Edison could invent a machine that could talk, he would have said he's crazy or send him to Provo. Six months ago if some one had informed me that “The American Theatre and Supply Company” of Saint Louis, Mo., could make a “Radium Gold Fibre Screen” to throw moving pictures on in a partly lighted house, I would have said, “hang him!” Nevertheless it is so – Pictures can now be shown in a partly lighted house. Wonderful advantages of this new screen – Enterprising managers realize the immense advantages of a lighted house. Patrons feel safe, find their seats more readily, less confusion between pictures, and in case of an alarm of fire, pass out of the house without becoming panic-stricken and uncontrollable. The idea of daylight pictures is new and appeals in a novel way to theatre goers. The pictures will be shown at the Vernal Orpheus beginning Monday, August 12th. They will change every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

A new Simplex Projector has also been installed with motor attachment. This is the very latest and best machine on the market and costs $50 00 more than any moving machine manufactured.

The Edison Biograph, Essany, Kalem, Vitagraph, Pathe, Selig and Lubin films will be used in this house in the future. These films are licensed and are the eight leading picture producing concerns of the world.

With this combination it places us in the front rank of the coming picture houses. There is only two other houses in the state of Utah that has this modern equipment. The Princess in Provo and the New Rex in Salt Lake. We hope the people in Vernal will appreciate our efforts and patronize us.