Theatre for the new Vernal Amusement & Improvement Co.

Vernal Express, 19 May 1916, page 1

Architect's Drawing of Vernal's New $15,000 Movie Theatre as it Will Look When Completed – To Be Finished by October 1

This is the architect's drawing of Vernal's new moving picture theatre as it will look when completed and what, combined with the Uintah Bank building, will comprise Vernal's most modern business block.  As the buildings appear in the picture they are, the Uintah State Bank, the postoffice, the Vernal Drug company and the theatre of the Vernal Amusement and Improvement company.

The Uintah Bank building and the postoffice are built.   The Vernal Drug store, which will be the west room of the new building, and the theatre building proper will be built this summer.  The contract for the brick has been let to Swain Brothers and the backers hope to be ready to open the picture house by October 1.

It will be the most modern moving picture show house in the Basin.

The show house proper will occupy a space 37 feet wide by 102 feet long and the drog store a space, 23 foot by 102 feet. It will be one of Vernal's handsomost structures.