New Theatre Leased for Period of Years

Parowan Times, 9 January 1929, page 1
The new theatre built by Messrs. Walter C. Mitchell and George A. Lowe Jr. and recently opened under their management to-day was leased for a period of years to the Western Theatres Inc., who have a chain of theatres through Utah.  Carrying out their policy, the Lessees have named it the "Orpheum" which name is applied to all their Theatres.

Mr. F. S. Fernstrom, President, Mrs. C. C. McDermond, Secretary and Treasurer, and S. C. Ruschmeier, District respresentative of the firm were here closing the deal with Messrs. Mitchell and Lowe.

The policy of the Orpheum will be to show the best pictures of all the producers, also the best road shows and vaudeville obtainable.  It's the policy of the Western Theatres in all their showhouses to show pictures of the latest release, showing them at the same time or before they are shown in Salt Lake City.

Some of the pictures which are coming soon to the "Orpheum" are "Singing Fool" with Al Jolson, Delores Del Rio in "Revenge", Mary Pickford in "Coquette", Douglas Fairbanks in the "Man in the Iron Mask", and others of the same calibre.

Mr. Scott Mitchell will be the local manager and he refers to the advertisement of their program for the next week, as published in this issue, and assures the patrons of the Orpheum only the best of productions.