Another Theatre in Brigham

Box Elder News, 2 December 1909, page 1
Mgr. Ellis of the Globe Theatre, conceived the idea some time ago, of putting in a stage at his place of business and in connection with motion pictures, give some first-class vaudeville acts each night.  This feature is being taken up by a great many of the first class theatres of the land today.

The stage was erected one night last week after the show was over, the men and Mr. Ellis working all night, and now scenery is being painted to equip the stage with.

Mr. Ellis is booking some first-class numbers and expects to get something which his patrons will be delighted with.   He is firm in his determination to run nothing but the very highest class of entertainments, not permitting anything that would offend, to appear in the theatre.

The gentleman is somewhat of a song writer and composer, being hard at work at the present time, on a little operetta which will be presented here with home talent when completed.  He has already had one excellent song published, which is full of tunefulness and very catchy music.