The Florence Theater

Box Elder News, 4 August 1910, page 1
Mr. Neale, local manager for the Florence Company announces that for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, he has secured Miss Zilla Coleman assisted by James B. Garfield in the comedy Playlet, “True Blue.”   This act has played at all the vaudeville houses of the Florence Company and has been voted a great success and a sure cure for blues.   It is one of those few playlets that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

In conjunction with this will be another of those heavy Selig Dramas entitled, “Across the Plains”.   The Selig Company is noted for their western subjects and there are no other pictures that arouse the enthusiasm that their pictures do.

For those who are interested in sporting pictures, “Wild Duck Hunting” will appeal.

There will also be a heavy drama entitled “Ransom's Folly.”

Mr. Neale would also like to state that non-inflamable film has been installed in the Florence, making this cozy little theatre absolutely fire-proof.  He also extends an invitation to the Public to inspect his operating room at any time.