Opera House for Brigham

Box Elder News, 27 February 1920, page 1
During the past week, sentiment crystallized in favor of the wards of this city repossessing the Opera House corner and erecting thereon a modern opera house. It will be recalled that following the burning down of the building, the four city wards entered into an agreement with the Brigham City Fruit Growers for the transfer of the property in order that the Fruit growers might erect thereon a shipping depot. That corporation has finally decided that it cannot carry out its intention so the wards propose to repossess themselves of the property by returning to the Fruit Growers the first payment made and the amount that company has expended in tearing down the walls and removing part of the material which arrangement seems to meet with general approval.

In the discussion of the use the property will be put to by the wards, sentiment has been almost unanimous for the immediate erection of a modern theatre thereon, large enough to meet the requirements of this community for all time to come in the way of providing a first class opera house and moving picture theatre. The tentative plans discussed also include a spacious dance hall over the theatre and a basement equipped with a gymnasium and swimming pool. There is ample ground to provide the conveniences mentioned and the location is ideal. The cost of the structure would depend upon the amount of decorative work to be done but it has been estimated that a magnificent building can be erected at a cost of from fifty to sixty thousand dollars.

Ever since the city wards decided to dispose of the corner there have been murmurs of regret from a great many people and the only comfort that could be got out of the transaction was that the property would be improved and retained by local people. Now that such a thing seems to be impossible the repossessing of the property by the four wards was the logical move and already that course has been unstintingly commended by all who have become acquainted with the proceedings.