Elberta Theatre Secures Big Features

Box Elder News, 9 January 1917, page 1
Mr. W. H. Shurtliffe, one of the proprietors of the Elberta Theatre was in Salt Lake last week making arrangements for film service for his house. He succeeded in signing up the Vitagraph, Bluebird and V. L. S. E. people which will give three changes weekly on all three as no picture will be shown more than two nights. These firms are among the oldest producers and put out the very finest films offered to the market today.

In speaking of the progress the builders are making on the new theatre, Mr. Shurtliffe stated that he fully anticipates the building will be in readiness for the grand opening on February 1st, if not before. The work is being rushed with all possible speed to complete the place at as early a date as possible.