Opera House Program of 1908 Exhibited

Box Elder News, 2 June 1925, page 3
P. K. Koford of the Koford Poster Advertising company, was yesterday exhibiting an old program of the Brigham City Opera House, dated October 31, 1908, which he ran across recently in the files of his office.  At that time, Mr. Koford was in charge of the motion picture shows at the opera house, and the late D. P. Burt was manager.  From the ads in the program, we notice that Mr. Koford was also in the confectionery business.  There are other ads that are reminders of bygone days, such as the saloon ads of Wilson Bros. and Joe Zimmerman; Frank Losee, blacksmith; Wm. H. Glover, feed and livery stables; The Hanson Mercantile company, and others of equal interest.  The program was printed by the Box Elder News, and contained ads from many of the firms that are still in business in Brigham.