Fine New Instrument is Installed by Stringham

News Advocate, 13 October 1921, page 1

Nothing is too good for patrons of the Eko and, after smiling a few weeks over the loss of his $3000 photo player, Manager Stringham went to Salt Lake last week and closed a deal for a new [$8700?] instrument.  It is absolutely the best instrument of its kind made, the vox humana being [?reatly] the same as in the tabernacle organ which has made Salt Lake famous.  The organ will arrive in a few days and will be installed in the Eko, but will be moved to Mr Stringham's new picture house when that is built.  A skilled player will handle the instrument which will produce every kind of musical effect and it will add greatly to the pleasure of the splendid class of pictures which Mr. Stringham always shows.