New Theatre Now Really in Sight

Manti Messenger, 16 April 1920, page 5

People of Carbon County will be glad to know that the movement for a first class theatre for Price has reached a definite stage. Rumors have been spread from time to time for many months but now C. M. Stringham, proprietor of the Eko, has purchased a lot 100 by [130 or 150?] feet out of the Frandson property on Main Street. His west corner is 210 feet east of the west corner of the Viglia-Bonomo block. Plans for the building have not been completed and there are several steps to be taken before dirt file for the excavation, but Mr. Stringham is too good a business man to have tied up a lot of money in a valuable lot without having any further plans. He has tried Price and its surrounding territory out with the best of pictures, some good road shows and a real grand opera company and he is assured that a first class house will be well supported. He will put on even much more extravagant attractions than ever before when he has a seating capacity that will pay for them and a stage that will accommodate them. The new show house will be fully up to demands for years to come.

Price Advocate