New Theatre Under Way Early

News Advocate, 24 February 1921, page 1
The new up-to-date theatre which O. M. Stringham has been contemplating on his ground on Main street between Seventh and Eighth streets on the north side street will soon be in course of construction, according to an announcement made by Mr. Stringham this week. Cannon and Fetzer, architects, who prepared the plans for the school buildings recently erected at Hiawatha, Castle Gate and Kenilworth, will probably be the architect of the new theatre. Mr. Stringham says the building will be a good and substantial one, with space on the ground floor for two business establishments and the entrance to the theatre between. On the second floor will be several office rooms. The theatre is to have a seating capacity of 1000 and will have a stage large enough and equipped to accommodate any production that may with to play here. The building will cost in the neighborhood of $50,000, it is estimated.