New S.L. Theater Going Up

Deseret News, 1 August 1967

Salt Lake will soon have a new movie showhouse. The Century 21 Theater, which is being built on the Prudential Federal Savings Plaza at 33rd South and State Street, is expected to be completed the last of October or early in November.

White prefabricated walls of the building have been completed and half the three-story-high dome-shaped roof has been put into place. The finished showhouse will cost in excess of $600,000.

David K. Edwards, veteran Salt Lake theaterman and spokesman for the Century 21 Corporation of Utah which is putting up the showhouse, says it will contain 985 seats with continental seating arrangements of all de luxe seats spaced 48 inches back to back for complete comfort of patrons." Vincent G. Raney was architect.

Mr. Edwards says all processes will be shown on the screen, which will be 80 feet by 45 feet. All decoration will be with drapes to enhance the acoustics. The snak bar will be recessed in the front lobby. Mr. Edwards also noted that when the theater is opened "drinks will not be allowed in the main auditorium."

Ample parking also will be available, he said, because a field to the north of the Prudential Plaza is being hard-surfaced for parking. The Plaza area also will be used.

Bettilyon Contruction Company is putting up the building and was active in real estate negotiations. Bernie Fallentine of Bettilyon negotiated with Mr. Edwards on this phase of the operation. Also assisting Mr. Edwards Charles Allcott, executive vice president, of have been Gene Donovan, president, and Prudential Federal.