Roof Going On 'Round Theater Job

Salt Lake Tribune, 2 August 1967, page B10

Workmen are erecting the arched roof for a new Salt Lake County circular motion picture theater - fitting into place 148-foot-long arches.

The "Century 21" theater work is by Bettilyon Construction Co., Salt Lake City, at 33rd South and 2nd East on the eastern portion of a parking area adjacent to the Prudential Federal Savings and Loan Assn.

The developers, a syndicate of local and California investors operating as Century 21 Corp., expect completion in October.

Cost of the development will be about $750,000, the construction company said. Taylor Roof Structures, San Francisco, is the subcontractor for the roof.

The theater will have an 80-foot long and 40-foot high curved screen for Cinerama productions and will rise about 60 feet high.