Two Theatres to be Erected

Salt Lake Herald, 6 June 1908, page 12
Auerback Interests Will Build Playhouse independent of Vaudeville Project.



Two theatres are to be built in Salt Lake this summer.

One is to be built upon the Auerbach property, in Third South street, between Main and State streets. It is to cost $150,000, and will be used, according to the present understanding, for the presentation of standard plays by traveling companies.

This project is now declared to be independent of the theatre to be built by the managers of the Orpheum circuit. The site of the latter has not yet been definitely decided upon. Two locations are now under consideration. The first is in lower Main street and the other is Second South street near State.

Henry J. Wallace, manager of F. Auerbach & Bro., received the foundation plans for the new Auerbach theatre yesterday from E. W. Houghton, an architect of Seattle, Wash., who has prepared the plans for a number of theatres.

Bids for the contract for the excavation for the foundation will at once be advertised for.

Plans for the entire structure will be here by June 20. Architect Houghton expects to be here at that time.

Mr. Houghton was here a short time ago to look at the theatre site and to discuss with Messrs. Wallace and Auerbach his ideas for the proposed structure.

Independent of Vaudeville

Manager Wallace said yesterday that the theatre would be three stories high, with stores occupying the portions of the Third South street frontage not used for the lobby of the playhouse.

The Auerbach property fronts 110 feet upon Third South street and extends back 330 feet.

Architect Houghton's plans for the foundation show that the building will cover the entire width of the property, with a depth of 290 feet.

There is to be a basement rathskeller beneath the theatre. It has not yet been decided what will be done with the upper floors. It is probably that the rooms will be arranged for bachelor's apartments.

Mr. Wallace stated yesterday that when the theatre is built it is to be leased to several theatrical men, who will manage it. He would make no further explanation other than to say that the men who are to use the theatre are experienced and thoroughly able to secure the right sort of attractions.

Mr. Auerbach stated positively that the new theatre would not be a vaudeville house. He would not say whether the lease is to be given to Klaw & Erianger or any of the other members of the theatrical syndicate.

As to the style and material of the building, it was said that all matters of that sort had been left with the architect.