Avalon and On

The Avalon Theater/Community Church stays closed while its owners navigate red tape.

Salt Lake City Weekly, 7 June 2007

Article Summary:

Avalon Theater

Corey Adams and Jimmy Parks, who run the largest and most successful all-ages concert venue and promotions companies, The Kollective, are fighting to keep the Avalon Theater, or Avalon Community Church, alive.

“We’d been there for eight months, everything had been fine, we’d had several visits from the fire marshal and the city, and they knew what we were doing and how we were doing it and everything was fine. Then all of a sudden, they changed their mind. They told us that the seats we’d removed from the theater [to open up a general admission floor] needed to be replaced, and we couldn’t open up until [further notice].” (Corey Adams)

Four times Adams complied with renovations required to get the venue up to code, and each time South Salt Lake officials came back with another list. Adams estimates that The Kollective has lost upwards of $50,000 since October 2006.

“They’re dragging their feet because they’re trying to force us out.” (Corey Adams)

South Salt Lake Fire Marshal Bruce Shoemaker says Adams is attempting to expedite matters by making the required repairs before he has a permit to do so.

Country Club Theater

The Country Club Theater could be shut down for similar problems with bureaucratic red tape.