Sandy lifts curtain on theater

City has both funding and developer in place

Deseret News, 20 February 2008

Article Summary:

Proscenium details:
a Broadway roadhouse theater
would open in 2011
could seat between 2,500 and 2,800
would include a smaller theater and a multipurpose room
would host touring Broadway productions, music performances, and shows for children and families such as Blues Clues, Sesame Street Live and The Wiggles

Proscenium funding:
Utah County developer Scott McQuarrie approached Sandy in 2006
could cost about $50 million
funding is in place
the developer is capable of building (funding) the theater himself
expected to be a profit-making enterprise not subsidized by taxpayers
will be partially funded by property tax money it is allowed to keep
may also receive funds from the sale of naming rights

development details:
may cost $500 million
near 10100 South and 250 West
850,000 square feet of office space
600 high-rise condominiums
300,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space