New Roosevelt Theatre Ready for Grand Opening

Vernal Express, 12 February 1942, page 1

The new, beautiful, and elaborately equipped theatre at Roosevelt will be completed and ready for a grand opening on Valentine's Day, Saturday, it was announced this week by the management.

Special attractions are being arranged for the opening event.

The new theatre at Roosevelt is entered through a spacious , colorful lobby, is equipped with a large stage and footlights designed to serve as a community playhouse as well as a motion picture theatre.  It can accommodate many types of entertainment.

The auditorium is 40 x 90 feet with room for 500 seats arranged on a slight arc so that every seat directly faces the screen.

RCA sound, the finest made, is installed in the new building and the walls of the auditorium have been specially treated in sure perfect sound.  The special treatment consists of a three-inch layer of [?ock] wool over which is stretched tapestry.  The sound waves as they emerge from speakers behind the screen melt into the soft walls and no harsh, metallic sounds or echoes are audible.

The color scheme in the interior is in peach, green, and beige.  Carpeting in the lobby and aisles picks up the colors in deeper shades.  The curtain and draperies are red velour.

Another feature of the new building is the heating and air-conditioning system.  An air washer in the basement of the building cleans, cools, and humidifies the air which is changed in the building every few minutes by means of a huge fan and an intricate system of cuts.

The building is built as fire-proof as it is possible to make.  The exterior of fluted cement columns and brick with a bright Neon-lighted marquee is a handsome addition to the city's Main street.

The opening attraction will be Shirley Temple in “Kathleen”, with shows starting at 3 p. m.