West Jordan playhouse members say the show must go on

KSL News, 17 March 2010

Article Summary:

Sugar Factory Playhouse closure:

  • playhouse was condemned
  • in an earthquake a nearby wall could topple down onto the playhouse and smash it flat
  • a production of “See How They Run” was to start Thursday night
  • a dress rehearsal with an audience was scheduled for Wednesday night
  • the set for "See How They Run" was built into the playhouse, making it difficult to move the play to another venue
  • Sugar Factory Arts Campus board is exploring other venues and trying to arrange an emergency meeting of the city council to reopen the playhouse

"Let's wait two weeks and get the play over, and then look on. We are in no different position than we were in the last five years of having people in there.” (David Newton, Sugar Factory Arts Campus Board)

"That wall has been there for 90 years, probably 95, and it has been through earthquakes before. I think the risk is minimal; you probably have a better chance of being hit by lightening." (David Newton, Sugar Factory Arts Campus Board)