Twin Cinema opens doors Friday

Vernal Express, 22 November 1973, page 1


Covering over 12,000 square feet, and located on 7 1/2 acres of ground, the new theatre and reception complex is the largest between Denver and Salt Lake City, according to the owners and managers, Warren Mott and his two sons, Dennis and Randy.

The new structure is three stories high in places and is built with a round concession and ticket counter under a huge crystal chandelier of 54 lights as the entrance foyer. On the right side of the foyer are the entrances to two theatres, one 500-seat capacity and a smaller 300-seat theatre with carpeting, drapes and stadium type upholstered seats.

A rock wall planter has been built on the left far end of the foyer and a second level, full width plate glass office area overlooks the entire foyer area of the theatre complex.

In the projection room the most modern type equipment has been installed incorporating the Christie Auto Wind system with xenolite lamps. Single projectors capable of showing over five hours of uninterrupted film serve each theatre. The projectors are fed by large horizontal platters capable of holding the entire showing of film on one reel.

The projectors are automatically controlled with the theatre lighting and curtains so no one needs to attend to their functions once the film has been spliced onto the platter. All controls can be operated from downstairs and no one needs to be in the projector room during the show, explained Warren Mott.

The theatres contain large 21 by 40 feet cinemascope screens and stereophonic sound speakers. Universal Studios is the film distributor for the theatres. The spacious parking lot will hold approximately 700 cars.

Located on the west side of the theatre complex is the reception center called El Diamante, which will be completed later, hopefully by February. This center will accommodate weddings and other social and entertainment gatherings.

A large marque will grace the front entrance of the building structure.

Showing during the opening is “West World” and “Lost Horizon.” Doors will open at 7 p.m. Free refreshments will be served Friday and Saturday during the opening days, reported the Motts.