New S.L. Theater Opens

Deseret News, 1 October 1967

A beautiful new showhouse, Century 21 Theater opened to the public today at 3300 South and 200 East. It is located on the Prudential Plaza, where Clark's Cafeteria and banking and business places also are located.

Century 21 is circular in design, with a 155-foot high oval-shaped roof. The foyer and lobby run a quarter the diameter, and the main auditorium is constructed so seating is approximately half the circle; the 90-foot screen takes up a quarter and draperies and exits the other quarter.

Because of the circular seating arrangements, all overstuffed loge-like rocking seats have an unobstructed view of the large screen. A multiple sound system also wraps the sound around the audience.

The color motive is gold, silver and purple, with purple drapes in the auditorium and with some rows of silver-gray seats and others of purple. The seating arrangement, called continental in style, allow for free access to all seats without seated patrons being disturbed.

Raymond Syufy, president of Syufy Enterprises of San Francisco, was among those in the prevue audience Thursday night. Also attending a special screening were Jack Haig, a former Salt Laker who is Mr. Syufy's assistant in operation of six similar theaters constructed in western states. Vincent G. Raney, architect for the firm, was in Salt Lake for the opening, as well as business and theater leaders. Michael Piliaris, manager of Century 21, was in charge of the opening.

The outside of the theater is faced with white stone, The area on which the showhouse is located is large enough to accommodate nearly 1,000 cars to the north and west.

"Point Blank," a psychological thriller staring Lee Marvin, is the opening film, beginning today. "Water Hole No. 3," which was presented to the prevue audience, will open after "Point Blank."

Following these pictures, the theater will show Walt Disney's "Jungle Book," Graham Greene's "The Comedians," with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, and "Far From the Madding Crowd."