'Dolittle' Set at 'New Utah'

Deseret News, 19 April 1968, page B5

“Doctor Dolittle,” the movie based on the famous books, will be the first movie to play at the “new” Utah Theater when that showhouse opens a “twin operation” this summer.

It is expected that “Dolittle” will open sometime in June, according to John N. Krier, vice president and general manager of Intermountain Theaters, Inc., which operates the business.

The new Utah Theater actually will consist of two showhouses. One will be on the main floor and will seat 800 persons. The other, to be known as the Penthouse Theater, will be on the upper half of the present Utah. It will seat 600 persons.

Actually, two pictures will open at the showhouse after its remodeling is completed. The other is a drama, “Rosemary's Baby,” starring Mia Farrow.

This film received such praise at prevues after it was completed that the studio decided to hold it for this later release. It will be showing in the Penthouse while “Dr. Dolittle” is being presented in the Utah below.

“Dr. Dolittle stars Rex Harrison in the role of the doctor who is able to talk to animals in their own languages. A song from the movie won best song honors at the recent Oscar ceremony.

When “Dr. Dolittle” and “Rosemary's Baby” open at the “new” Utah, they will be opening at a theater unique in the West. The idea of having two theaters in one building is new in showhouse operations. Large theaters are expected to adapt well to the new piggyback concept.

In the case of the Utah, a new floor will be built from the present balcony to the proscenium arch. The downstairs screen will be built up against the wall of the present stage. The other screen will be built level with the present stage.

New, deluxe seats will be installed both upstairs and down. Two projectors, each capable of projecting all scopes of films, will be installed. Carpeting and other furnishings and fixtures will be new.

The twinning project probably will start shortly after the showing of “Blue,” which will have a world premiere Tuesday night. Henry George Greene, New York theater architect and pioneer of this type of project, drew up plans for the remodeling. Jacobson Construction Company has been designated to do the work.

A new long-term lease, recently executed between Intermountain Theaters and Triple Annuity Corp., made the project possible. Intermountain operates theaters in Utah, Idaho and Arizona. The company is currently building a new theater in South Ogden.