Children's Theatre Moving in Fall 2011

Utah Childrens Theatre, 16 June 2011

Since 1985 The Children’s Theatre has never obtained a long term lease or owned a building. We are proud and excited to announce that we have recently purchased of the historic Avalon Theatre at 3605 South State Street.

This will stabilize our organization, and continue to impact all those who participate for generations to come.

Over the past 3 1/2 years we have been diligently searching for a building and location that would continue to serve our community at large. Our current building is owned by Salt Lake City which is being sold for mixed use development. We had not expected to find a location and building that would fit the needs of our organization so well. With it’s central location and easy access, the historic Avalon is a diamond in the rough.

With a renovation project about to begin, we look forward to working with you and our supporters to help us finance our new home. Your contribution is needed and will have a great impact on many.

There will be more information to come including additional ways to help. Here are a few ways to help right now:

Donate right now to our renovation and purchase fund by clicking here.

Donate professional services or materials such as plumbing, electrical, general construction, etc.

Consider helping on one of our committees (fundraising, public relations, or facilities)

Please email us for your interest and one of our staff, board members or volunteers will reply.

Thank you for your ongoing support of The Children's Theatre

The Children’s Theatre Board of Trustees
James Parker, Executive Director
Tom & Joanne Parker Family

The new theatre is located at 3605 South State Street. Superb accessibility from I-80, I-15 via 33rd & 45th South freeway exits and State Street. Whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west, traveling to the theatre will be convenient for performances, classes and field trips.

Two private parking lots are on either side of the building. 50 parking stalls, plus plentiful street parking make for superior convenience when traveling to The Children’s Theatre.

The main exterior feature of the building is the historic marquee built in 1941. The Marquee will be repaired and preserved. We can’t wait to see our name in lights.

Entering through one of four entrance doors, patrons will find themselves in an inviting lobby with artwork adorning either side. Curved walls highlight the box office and concessions stand ahead. On either side, two theatre entrances and restrooms complete the lobby.

Carpeted aisles will lead patrons to our 185 seat auditorium featuring a thrust stage, stadium seating and 17’ ceilings. The intimacy our audiences love will remain in the new auditorium.

Space located at the front of the theatre and behind the stage will serve as a studios.