Bluebird Scores on Opening Night in New Edifice

All Phases of Production Move With Ease and Speed

Utah Daily Chronicle, 23 May 1930, page 1

Almost a full house witnessed the first performance of Maeterlinck's “Bluebird” at the opening of Kingsbury hall last night.

In general everyone seemed well pleased with the production and from all indications the presentation tonight and tomorrow night will be witnessed by large audiences.

Every phase of the production moved with almost professional ease and speed, and tonight's performance should be even better in this respect.

There was remarkable coordination manifest in the staging of the play. The orchestration arranged by Mr. Arthur Freber provided a fairyland atmosphere before the opening curtain and surprised spectators looked upon some of the most gorgeous scenes that have been produced in University dramatic circles for many years.

The dancing, under the direction of Miss Clancy of the Physical Education Department was of the highest order, perfectly in harmony with the general theme of the play.

One of the most pleasing things about the play was the costumes. Every character was dressed either to portray his part as such or to give it a symbolic meaning. Miss Florence Ware is responsible for the costuming.

The performers knew their lines well and read them with a good deal of expression and stage presence. All of the children that took part in the production did exceptionally well.

The lighting effects, though slightly behind queues at times, were masterfully executed. The usherings, the stage management, the myriad details of the production were creditably handled.

Professor Maud May Babcock, the coach of the production, is more than satisfied with the support she has been given by both actors and auditors. To her and her Theta Alpha Phi associates, under whose auspices the play is presented, must go the credit for successfully producing the most unique and certainly the most fantastic and colorful play the University has ever been privileged to see.

Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets for tonight's and tomorrow night's performance are on sale at Kingsbury Hall and Consolidated Music Company. All seats are reserved.