Kingsbury Hall Dedicated May 15

Renowned Drama, 'Bluebird' to be Opening Feature

Utah Daily Chronicle, 18 April 1930, page 1

Drama Fraternity Plans To Stage Play for Three Days

Tickets on Sale Monday by Theta Alpha Phi Members

Kingsbury Hall, the magnificent edifice named for President Emeritus Joseph T. Kingsbury, and now in the process of completion on the University campus, will be formally opened on May 15th.

The building which has been undergoing construction for the past year will house the speech department of the University and will accommodate all college theatrical productions and other gatherings sponsored by the U. of U. The spacious auditorium will set comfortably two thousand persons, everyone of whom will be able to see all that occurs on the large stage. It is affirmed that even those sitting in the topmost gallery will have unobstructed vision of the complete platform because of the splendid architecture of the building.

The $275,000 monument will be dedicated with appropriate exercises, the principal feature of which will be the staging of Maeterlinck's “Bluebird” under the direction of Professor Maude May Babcock, by the Theta Alpha Phi dramatic fraternity.

This stupendous undertaking will be given on the nights of the 15th, 16th and 17th. Not detail is being spared to make the production the biggest ever attempted by the University. Every seat in the house will be reserved for the three nights' performance.

Tickets for the dedicatory exercises and the Bluebird will be on sale next week, by members of Theta Alpha Phi and several downtown offices. Already hundreds of requests are pouring in for reserved seats. Students who anticipate attendance should book early. The tickets will sell at $1.00, 75c, and 50c.