Kingsbury Hall to be Completed in near Future

Utah Daily Chronicle, 4 October 1929, page 1

Largest Stage In State Housed By New Structure

Building Will Contain Classrooms For Dramatics

Kingsbury Hall, Utah's new $275,000 assembly hall located just west and slightly to the north of the Physical Science building, is fast nearing completion. The structural steel work is completed, the bricking of the basement interior is practically finished, and the outside bricking and stone work is progressing nicely. Excavation began last September and the contract calls for completion by March 1, 1930. The completed building will resemble the Park Building in architecture.

Auditorium Spacious

The building is named in honor of Joseph T. Kingsbury in appreciation of his long and efficient service for the University. Dr. Kingsbury was in continuous service as an instructor and professor from 1878 until 1897. He served as President of the University from 1897 until 1926, and has served as President-Emeritus since 1916. He has also been head of the student employment service since 1924.

All the men actually in charge of the construction are Salt Lake business men. The contractors are W. J. Dean and Vernon W. Dean. Anderson and Young are the Architects and R. K. Brown is engineer.