Architects Are Now at Work on Kinsbury Hall

Utah Daily Chronicle, 16 October 1928, page 1

New Auditorium Will Accommodate 2000 Utah Youths.

Meeting Place Will Stimulate 'Utah Fights' Spirit.

Utah's assembly, Kingsbuy hall, is being constructed as fast as possible under the direction of Anderson and Young, architects. The building is financed by the State of Utah, and if the legislature makes its expected appropriation at its next meeting, the hall will be ready by next fall.

The structure is one that will help make Utah's campus a place of beauty. Built in the classic type of architecture it will harmonize in color with the Park and Union buildings.

Plans of the ground floor provide for check room, dressing room, a music store room, general storage room, rest rooms for men and women, five laboratories with raised platforms and blackboards, and a dramatic work room which is to be finished in an interesting manner with one end of the room occupied by a stage well equipped with footlights and flood lights. This room will be used for rehearsing and for private theatrical functions.

The first floor is to be provided with general offices, ticket offices, two dressing rooms, and the stage which has been carefully worked out in accordance with modern ideals and which will be large enough to take care of almost any production.

In designing the auditorium, the most up-to-date theatres and halls in the country were carefully studied, with the result that the problems of hearing, seeing, and seating have been solved in the best manner possible. The auditorium, including balcony, will seat approximately two thousand persons.

On the mezzanine floor are offices, rest rooms for men and women, and three dressing rooms. A motion picture booth and the organ loft will be on the floor line of the balcony, and the organ grills will be in the ceiling of the proscenium arch.

This remarkable auditorium will fill a long felt need and will do a lot to further Utah spirit.