A Dream Springs Into Being at Tuacahn

Deseret News, 14 April 1995, page C1

Article Summary:

In 1991, Doug Stewart drove to a canyon with “a broad bowl of space” surrounded by sandstone cliffs which stood like “a high mountain fortress, blocks of red stone, rooted in time, with pocks of wind-blown texture accentuating the surface.” Standing in this “natural amphitheater”, he pictured “the wings of a stage growing out of the stone and sand before him, and hundreds of seats cropped up around him in the almost concave form of the hill.”

“From cliff to cliff, he could hear the echoes of often-told and ancient stories, a heritage of the conscious past, rolling out like brittle film, almost too fragile to handle, the images of native blood and pioneer spirit, folding and dodging through the landscape, spilling the pain and joy of generations onto the canyon's solid canvas of sand and stone - and water, gushing from rocks in a wellspring of aspiration.”

Stewart's vision of Tuacan was made reality with the resources of Hyrum Smith of Franklin Quest, and others.

Tuacahn has “all the amenities necessary for major musical and stage productions,” with broad informal plazas, a large indoor auditorium, specialized classrooms, and two large dance studios. One of the dance studios can be adapted into banquet facilities for large gatherings.