Storm Sends Wall of Red Mud into Tuacahn Amphitheater

Deseret News, 7 September 1995, page A1

Article Summary:

A monsoon storm brought a five-foot wall of red mud and water into the Tuacahn Amphitheater Wednesday afternoon. Up to two inches of water fell in a one hour period, in the surrounding mountains and Snow Canyon. Mud, debris, and water flooded the Black Box Theater, the Hafen Theater, and several classrooms. The outdoor amphitheater had “mud, water and debris up to Row H”. The road leading to Tuacahn closed after mud and debris pushed down a fence designed to protect the desert tortoise, allowing debris from Snow Canyon to cover the roadway.

Mary Stewart, director of Tuacahn School of the Arts, said, “It filled doorways about halfway up with water on top of the mud. It was as though half the mountain caved in.” “The wonderful part of all this is the volunteers. Our telephone lines have been jammed with people calling to offer help and services. . . . It is wonderful to know so many people care.''