Moores Attend Dedication of New Theatre

Summit County Bee Park Record, 18 October 1962, page 1

COALVILLE – Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Moore and daughter Rhea were among the special guests invited to the Dedication Ceremonies of the Pioneer Memorial Theatre, Wednesday, Oct. 10. Only those who had donated to the building were invited and they were able to bring one guest each with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore bought a seat in the theater almost two years ago in honor of their father, Mr. David Moore and Thomas Wilde. Each seat cost $100.00.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore were so thrilled when they walked into the theater. It was just beautiful. They were able to sit in the seats they had purchased.

On the arm of each seat was a plate with the name of the pioneer, dates of their arrival to Utah and the company which they belonged.

They marveled at the wonderful building that had been built to the memory of so many pioneers.

President David O. McKay gave the prayer of dedication. Other speakers were: President A. Ray Olpin, Governor George D. Clyde, Dr. C. Lowell Lees, J. Bracken Lee. Two numbers from the University of Utah A Cappella choir were enjoyed.

After the prayer, all the audience sang “The Star Spangled Banner,” after which the first production in the new theatre, “Hamlet,” was presented.

Donors for the Pioneer Memorial Theatre were: President McKay, who gave the consent to construct the theatre in 1947, and the church donated $50,000; the State of Utah, Kennecott Copper Corporation, University of Athens, Dr. Lowell L. Waters of New York, a former classmate of President McKay donated the elevators; individual citizens and of course all the chairs in the building were bought for $100.00 each.