Drive still on for Lehi arts center

Deseret News, 3 January 2002, page B7

Article Summary:

Ray Carter says the 2002 Winter Olympic Games took most of the donor money he was hoping to get for a fine arts center in Lehi.  He believes that once the games have gone, more money will become available.  A well-known Salt Lake foundation has pledge a $6 million matching grant.  Carter wants to finish fund raising this year and break ground before fall. Construction would then take 18 months.

Utah County Commissioner Gary Herbert expressed his support for the Lehi arts center, but cautioned, "Personally, I have concerns as to how many performing arts centers we can support.  I know there are a number of efforts going forward; Ray's is one.  Provo's is another.  I think Orem was talking with Utah Valley State College about something like that.  If one emerges ahead of the others, I think the other communities would throw their support behind it."