Point offers a home for the Lehi Arts Center

Deseret News, 26 August 1999, page B3

Article Summary:

Thanksgiving Point officials offered to the Lehi Arts Council four arces north of the Thanksgiving Point animal park for an arts center.   Greenhouses currently on the property would be relocated and the brick promenade would be extended to the new arts center.   The first site considered for the arts center was city-owned property between Center Street and 200 North.   A later site, near Mill Pond and east of town, was blocked because of wetlands considerations and other problems.  The Eccles Foundation had not shown much interest when contacted earlier about possible funding, but contacted the arts council to reopen discussion after hearing about the involvement of Thanksgiving Point.

cost: $12 million
155,000 square feet
five theaters with seating for 1,800
art gallery
studio, classroom, and office space
home to the Lehi Legacy of Living Art shows